Here at Sleek Academy our main focus is project based STEAM learning. Allowing the students to take a hands on and more involved approach in not only what they are learning, but how they are learning it as well. Instead of just reading children’s books, our students created their own and illustrated them. For “STEM in the Park” at Bowling Green State University, our students not only were involved in doing the learning activities with multiple other students from around the area, but designed their own activities and went through the process of collecting materials for the activity they designed.


All of our larger projects also have the aim of giving back to the community. During the aforementioned “STEM in the Park,” the Sleek Academy students ran a table filled with the activities they designed that other students could take part in. Students have also constructed a picnic table from scratch from recycled wood, learning skills such as planning, designing, and testing. They also learned to take measurements with the board lengths and measure angles for the table top and the bench. The finished product was then donated to The Cocoon, which is a local domestic violence shelter in Bowling Green. In addition to the table, the students also assembled bookshelves and other tables that were donated to the Cocoon from other organizations.


Students at Sleek Academy have also been working on an underground greenhouse called a walipini as pictured. Students discussed where it should be located and needed to find the appropriate volume for the greenhouse to take up. They then inquired about permits from the city of Bowling Green to learn the process of building large projects in town. As the project needed to give back to the community, what to grow in it was part of the students’ decision making process and any excess food produced will be donated to local food pantries. Our GoFundMe for the project can be found here:


These are just a few of our larger projects through this school year, with more to come! Keep checking here for more information, and the blog for more details and pictures of our year so far!